Online advertising

Online advertising in information portals! Banner advertising and a complete description of your business in specialized catalogs and distribution on social networks!


189 BGN for 12 months
  • Title
  • E-mail, Logo
  • +2 specialized portals


219 BGN for 12 months
  • Title, Email, Phones
  • Address, City, Description
  • Logo, Photos, Map, +4 Specialized Portals


289 BGN for 12 months
  • Title, E-mail, Phones, Website, Address
  • City, Description, Logo, Photos, Map, Social Links, +8 Specialized Portals
  • +1 banner Ad slot in FB, and Twiter, User rating


319 BGN for 12 months
  • Title, UIC / Bulstat, Annual financial report, E-mail, Phones
  • Website, Address, City, Description, Logo, Photos, Map, Social Links
  • +13 Specialty Portals, Advertising Box in FB, And Twiter, Offers, Banners, User Rating

Why Choose an Online Ad?

Unlike TV, radio and print advertising, Internet advertising provides customers with much greater opportunities to get acquainted with advertised products and services. A banner can only present a message, but any interested customer can effortlessly click on it and be transferred directly to the advertiser’s website where you can get a detailed insight into the products and services offered at their prices and even make an order if the web site offers this opportunity.

Advertising in our specialized portals

Advertising in our various business directories makes it possible to enjoy the benefits offered by the Internet to other media and is consumed by a clearly defined user group
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